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Damien from Mauritius, 05/26/2020

Close your eyes and download
Have been looking for this for a long time!! Has all the features one could hope for... search gps coordinates by name, export, import, google maps redirect for directions, multiple device syncing & list goes on!! I couldn’t stop smiling after I downloaded the app :)

Cory Hoffart, 04/07/2019

Wow. Amazing.
This app works better than I hoped it would. I started using it for places to visit but now use it for work as well. The map interventions make it perfect.

Jsong123, 01/02/2022

One of the best if not THE BEST
Compact, powerful GPS location app. Check it out.

A Google User

August 23, 2019

So far, so good after 3 hours using this app. I deliver pizza and I've added numerous GPS locations. I tested one of them and it worked perfectly. What I like about this app is I can pull up "search" by address name or address number. When it pulls it up I can click on the "map" icon and it opens my "Google Go Map" app. Then I just click on the "navigate" button and I'm good to go. This app is super easy to use. I hope you won't change anything. I've seen so many updated apps get ruined.

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Octavian Cudalbu

November 1, 2021

Exactly what I searched for. Very nice that saved locations can be opened in preferred GPS app. Very useful when leaving car in an unusual location. Invaluable when you need to be met "here", but have no idea where exactly are located. Very useful the possibility to share saved locations. Overall, brilliant, nice job !!! UPDATE: would be very useful to have a comments field for saved positions !!! Thank you ! Bought the application, well invested money :))

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T-Rolla St. Dusky

September 15, 2023

A very, very useful "location cataloging" app. Look forward to supporting this app. Cheers and keep it up!!

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