What is Save Location GPS app?

SaveLocation GPS app is app where you can save and share your locations easily. This app is specially designed for people who are traveling and use locations on a daily basis.

How to use Save Location GPS app?

It is really easy to use, you can use this application without logging in. But if you log in your data will be synced. So, if you have lost your phone or is broken. You can log in from another mobile and your all data will come back.

Do this app work offline?

Yes, this app work offline. You can find your current location offline too, but it may take sometime. But, you should also try using it online because you wont be able to share your location offline.

What are other features of Save Location GPS app?

Besides saving and sharing you can also manage your location, view saved location in different views, import and export data, and also change settings accordingly.

Is this app free?

Yes, this app is absolutely free.

But if you want to import or export your location you will have to do in-app purchase because this premium feature, by this you can download location in other formats.

Here is the documentation for you to understand our SaveLocation GPS App. You'll find instructions on how to use functions in this app. So, let's get started and understand how to save, edit, and share your location in the SaveLocation GPS App.

Save Location GPS is available on the Apple Store & Google Play Store. Get Started